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Conflict Resolution

Unresolved conflicts in the workplace cause enormous challenges for organisations and individuals. From an organisational perspective, the most significant of these challenges is the additional pressures imposed on time, energy and resources.


Investigation & Review


RoundTable is a leading provider of specialist training in mediation, soft skills, investigation and communications training. Learners are provided with opportunities to develop the necessary skills through participation exercises in conflict behaviours, emotional intelligence, practice & process and self-awareness in resolving conflict. 

Our training programmes are facilitated by experienced and accredited trainers, investigators and mediators.

RoundTable is committed to the advancement of quality alternative dispute resolution by providing services and training that enhance the skills and competence of both individuals and organisations in the management of conflict.

Change Management


Sometimes the individualised development opportunities offered by coaching or mentoring may be more suitable for meeting specific needs rather than formal training courses. This is particularly true when there has been a change to a work role, work patterns or the type of work carried out or when someone is hoping to develop their career along a chosen path.


At RoundTable, we offer change management services including coaching and mentoring for practice review and improvement. We also offer Business Development mentoring for mediators hoping to enter into, or enhance their presence in, this growing area of conflict management systems within the business environment. Our services cross the areas of personal, executive and career coaching to assist and support clients in achieving their desired progress.


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