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Mediation is an informal,  confidential, facilitative and voluntary process whereby people who have a dispute, may, with the assistance of a mediator, attempt to reach a mutually acceptable agreement to resolve the issues that have arisen between them.   Mediation is affordable, timely and private.

Cases suitable for mediation include:

  • Workplace mediation
  • Team and group Mediation
  • Divorce/Separating Couples mediation
  • Family relationship mediation
  • Commercial Mediation
  • Medical Mediation
  • Agricultural Mediation
  • Succession Mediation

RoundTable Mediators have over twenty years’ experience in the field of mediation, working with small and large organisations, government bodies, individuals and families in helping them resolve conflict.  Our lead mediator is on the panel of mediators for the Oireachtas and the Medical Council. Our senior Advanced mediators bring their extensive experience into the mediation room to assist parties in resolving their disputes. We are Advanced Mediators with the Mediators’ Institute Ireland, the highest level of qualification within that Body.  We are international mediators with the International Mediators Institute.  With over 20 years’ experience each, our senior Advanced Mediators are recognised amongst the most experienced mediators in Ireland.   Our Lead Mediator is on the Board of the Mediators’ Institute Ireland, leading the Family Sector and a member of the accreditation committee, which is responsible for the training of mediators in Ireland. 

Conflict Resolution

Unresolved conflicts in the workplace cause enormous challenges for organisations and individuals. From an organisational perspective, the most significant of these challenges is the additional pressures imposed on time, energy and resources.

We help organisations identify, design, employ and evaluate bespoke systems to ensure that conflict is managed in line with the culture of the organisation, ensuring employee wellbeing and the early resolution of disputes. Sound systems create a supportive infrastructure for organisations. They minimise the high cost of conflict and provide employers, HR partners and managers the opportunity to focus on the positive aspects of their work.

RoundTable provides training in conflict resolution techniques to organisations for their employees, managers, and investigation & mediation teams.. This training will enhance the capabilities of employees and managers in holding difficult conversations, deescalating conflict and resolving conflict. Individuals may benefit from one-to-one mentoring to develop and strengthen their competence in conflict situations.


Facilitation provides teams with the opportunity of coming together to identify their issues and work collaboratively together, to reach a collective agreement on work practices, quality standards, and targets for achievement. It is suitable as an internal approach for teams, management or boards and as an external approach for inter-organisational decision making.

Facilitation provides opportunities for the resolution of a variety of core issues. Depending on the matters to be resolved, a bespoke structure can be applied to the particular facilitation. The design of the facilitation may include individual discussions; two-way meetings and/or group meetings. On finalisation, the facilitator will produce a report.

Investigation & Review

RoundTable provides a range of workplace investigation and review services. It thoroughly and objectively investigates complaints/grievance that arise in the workplace. We undertake complex formal investigations and are experienced in dealing with complaints at all levels of the organisation.

We recognise how difficult it is for individuals and teams to contribute to an investigation. We manage the investigation with care and attention to individuals attending the investigation. We provide clear, concise and analytical reports.

Cases suitable for investigation/reviews include:

  • Dignity at Work Issues, including bullying and harassment
  • Grievance Issues
  • Fraud/theft
  • Customer complaints
  • Inappropriate Social Media use
  • Critical incident reviews
  • Health and safety issues
  • Legacy issues
  • Defamation

RoundTable Investigators have over fifteen years’ experience in the field of investigation, working with small and large organisations and government bodies. We are qualified investigators (ACAS) and lawyers (BCL, UCC). RoundTable is on the Investigation Panel of the HSE. Our senior investigators bring their extensive experience to their work, ensuring that reports following the investigation are concise, clear, balanced and stand up to legal scrutiny.Our senior investigators bring their extensive experience to their work, ensuring that investigation reports are concise, clear, balanced and stand up to legal scrutiny.


RoundTable is a leading provider of specialist training in mediation, soft skills, investigation and communications training. Learners are provided with opportunities to develop the necessary skills through participation exercises in conflict behaviours, emotional intelligence, practice & process and self-awareness in resolving conflict. 

Our training programmes are facilitated by experienced and accredited trainers, investigators and mediators.

RoundTable is committed to the advancement of quality alternative dispute resolution by providing services and training that enhance the skills and competence of both individuals and organisations in the management of conflict.

Accredited Mediation Training: This seven-day training is accredited by the Mediators
Institute Ireland. Upon successful completion, those taking this course are eligible to
become registered mediators with the Mediators’ Institute of Ireland.

Accredited Separating Couples Mediation Training: This four-day training is accredited by
the Mediators Institute Ireland. It is open to candidates who are certified mediators
with the Mediators Institute of Ireland. Upon successful completion, those taking this
course are eligible to become registered for mediating with separating couples.  

Mediation Skills for Managers/staff: This two-day training programme is offered to
organisations as internal training for their team to train managers to use mediation
skills in managing people.

Investigation Skills for Managers: This two-day training programme is offered to organisations as internal training for managers and staff who have a role in
undertaking investigations. 

Dignity at work Training: This half-day or one-day training programme is designed to provide dignity at work training that is responsive to traditional and emerging challenges in the workplace.

Equality, Inclusion and Belonging: This programme assists organisations in creating an employee experience of authenticity and belonging. The bespoke programme is designed in consultation with the organisation.

Culture and Wellbeing in the workplace: This short training programme supports staff
in working in diverse work environments that have a focus on Wellbeing, respect
and inclusion.

Holding Difficult Conversation: This half-day or one-day training programme trains managers, teams and individuals on techniques and skills in holding a conversation that is difficult and assists them in managing discussions professionally.

De-escalation training and managing complaints: This short training is for front line
staff who manage customer complaints, either face-to-face, phone or on-line.

We offer supervision/mediation to professional mediators who mediate with clients. It provides a safe confidential space to discuss issues/cases and develop the practice and competence of the mediator. It is suitable for:

  • Those who intend to practice professional mediation and are at the initial stage of contracting with clients;
  • Those who are experienced mediators working alone;
  • Those who are experienced mediators working with other mediators and have aspects of their work that they want to explore privately.

Change Management


Sometimes the individualised development opportunities offered by coaching or mentoring may be more suitable for meeting specific needs rather than formal training courses. This is particularly true when there has been a change to a work role, work patterns or the type of work carried out or when someone is hoping to develop their career along a chosen path.


At RoundTable, we offer change management services including coaching and mentoring for practice review and improvement. We also offer Business Development mentoring for mediators hoping to enter into, or enhance their presence in, this growing area of conflict management systems within the business environment. Our services cross the areas of personal, executive and career coaching to assist and support clients in achieving their desired progress.


RoundTable Change Management training for HR Professionals is designed for functional leaders, people leaders, and individual contributors seeking to advance their careers by elevating personal proficiencies, establishing HR as a partner to the business, and designing change initiatives that support engagement and organisational growth.

RoundTable Training ranges from training in change management to advancing the skills of change practitioners to equipping individuals in your organisation to teach change management internally. Whatever programmes you choose, you’re building your skillset while helping your organisation adapt to new changes, improve company culture, and achieve better project results.

Many organisational change management initiatives fail because people do not know where to start or how to sustain change. Our program has been designed to provide Change Leaders running organisational projects with the tools and skills to initiate change in a project environment. It delivers best practices for both tactical and behavioral elements of change from leading experts in a practical and simple way.

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