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Why choose us

Why choose us

We Understand Conflict


We’ve been working with people for over twenty years and are trusted by individuals and businesses to provide a quality and effective service.


Our dedicated team of professionals put clients first and provide seamless solutions.


Our expert practitioners bring many years of proven experience and advanced skills to our work.​

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Our People

Ber Barry Murray

Ber is an experienced mediator, facilitator, mentor, trainer, and investigator, working with private individuals, businesses and government bodies. Ber is the founder and director of RoundTable and leads a team of highly committed staff.

Ber is a senior advanced mediator, with 20 years’ experience.  She has mediated complex disputes nationally and internationally, assisting those who are party to the mediation in arriving at a resolution.  The breadth of mediations undertaken, includes workplace, family, commercial, medical, financial, succession and land disputes. She is a member of the Board of the Mediators Institute of Ireland; on the mediation panel of the Oireachtas, the Medical Council, UCD and UCC. She is a leading trainer of mediators in Ireland.  

Since qualifying in Law, Ber has undertaken investigations into complaints, including bullying, harassment & sexual harassment; fraud; assault (including sexual assault); clinical matters and complaints made under protected disclosure.  She is on the panel of investigators for the HSE and the Inland Fisheries Board. She has conducted investigations with international panels, as lead national investigator with multi-national organisations. She brings to the investigation arena her listening skills, empathic skills in working with people; analysing large volumes of information submitted and analysing and writing reports.  

Ber also works as a facilitator, trainer and mentor in the area of conflict resolution. She has facilitated meetings within and between teams from the early stages of disputes, through to their involvement in post-formal processes, including those involving disciplinary and grievance and dignity at work procedures, enabling teams to reconnect and re-establish working relationships.   

Her work is informed by her knowledge of interpersonal and organisational dynamics, management, and employment law, personal and organisational impact of conflict.

  • BCL (UCC) 2000
  • M.Ed., (UCC) 1997
  • H.Dip. Ed (UCC) 1994
  • B.A. (UCC) 1984
  • Advanced Mediator, Mediators Institute Ireland (2000)
  • Certified International Mediator, International Mediators Institute (2006)
  • Certified Workplace Investigator (2007)
Myrtle Howe

Myrtle joined RoundTable in 2019 and is the Customer Service Co-Ordinator.  She manages, finance, IT and administrative operations across the company, providing support and assistance to clients.  She organises and co-ordinates all training programmes and administrative support in investigations, mediation and facilitation processes. She has extensive experience in recruitment, training, the development of policies and procedures and day to day HR Support, having worked as Senior HR Partner in multinationals and SMEs.

  • Myrtle holds qualifications in Social Science, Training and Development and Human Resource Management.
Dr David Murray

David is a Director of RoundTable Solutions (roundtable.ie). David has over thirty years’ experience in a Multinational business environment, having worked with a U.S. Pharmaceutical, Food and Agricultural Science Company with worldwide operations. During that time, David has held a number of managerial positions including Site Lead for FMC’s Centre of Excellence Centre in Cork with almost 200 employees, Operations Finance, and Financial Controller in one of the Company’s main sites. In 2015, David established a Corporate Shared Services Facility working with European and U.S. businesses in building a strategic Financial Services operation in Ireland. In his role as Site Lead, David has built up extensive experience in Financial and Accounting Processes, Project Management, People / Team Development, Organisational Leadership and Corporate Governance.

  • David holds a  Ph.D. and a Masters Degree in Business from the Department of Accounting and Finance,   National University of Ireland. 
Niamh Johnston

Niamh joined the RoundTable team in 2017 and is responsible for the development, implementation and improvement of marketing and Social Media in RoundTable. Niamh brings 10+ years’ experience in management, operations and visual merchandising in the retail industry, working with a range of indigenous and multinational enterprises.

  • Niamh holds a BA in Fashion and Design from Limerick School of Art and Design. 


What our clients say?

I found the course to be a wonderful experience and I will miss attending it. I think one could study mediation for 30 years and still learn more. Initially, when doing the course, the thought of role-playing was so daunting. It’s so amazing to see and feel the progress and mindset shift around doing them. I am amazed at how I am learning in action. The main thing I have learnt is that my focus should be on supporting, unveiling, diffusing and facilitating people to uncover their truth without concentrating too much on the outcome...
A learner on the Certified Mediation Course
I was aware of the mediator’s warmth and kindness in how she presented. It struck me the importance of the neutrality of the role and the composure needed. It also struck me how the mediation space was an untangling of miscommunications, hurts and assumptions. I liked the way the process was broken down and could see the benefit of a structured, clear and friendly session.
A learner on the Certified Mediation Course

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