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Founded in 2006 by experienced mediators and investigators, RoundTable is one of Ireland’s leading alternative dispute resolution providers. We assist organisations, teams and individuals in resolving difficult and complex conflict. We are committed to the advancement of quality alternative dispute resolution by providing services that enhance the skills and competence of individuals, teams and organisations in the management of conflict.

Conflict Resolution

Alternative dispute resolution

We deliver professional, accessible and effective dispute resolution services in the area of Mediation, Facilitation, Investigation, Training and Conflict Resolution.

Conflict is normal between people and in relationships, as it helps creativity, enables healthy discussion and can increase productivity. Unmanaged conflict is corrosive in interpersonal relationships. When conflict remains unmanaged, it impacts the culture and productivity of organisations. It has a negative effect on the wellbeing of people resulting in absenteeism and people leaving the organisation. We can help.

At RoundTable we aim to minimise the expense, delay and distraction that conflict can bring. We maximise the personal, organisational, and financial benefits of managing conflict in a positive way. We can help you to resolve conflict effectively, by providing a mediator, a facilitator, conflict coach, or investigator. We provide training on how to manage conflict, become a mediator or in investigation skills, helping organisations to manage conflict internally.


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The RoundTable team is comprised of highly qualified and experienced mediators and investigators